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Visitor Economy

Utilising a range of 5G-enabled applications to bring the forest’s history to life, ensuring Nottinghamshire remains a great place to visit.

Currently the visitor economy in Nottinghamshire is worth £1.75bn and supports around 15,000 jobs in the region. Short breaks across the UK are more popular than ever and there is an increased demand for active holidays that lets people get away from the everyday pressures of life and recharge their batteries.

The growth of digital content is everywhere, and it being 'always on' has transformed how visitors search, plan and book trips, as well as how visitors communicate and find information during their stays and visits.

Bringing 5G to Sherwood Forest and the surrounding area, 5G Connected Forest aims to utilise a range of 5G enabled applications in order to bring the forest’s history to life, in both fact and legend, ensuring that Nottinghamshire remains a great place to visit.

Through innovative technologies such as augmented reality there will be the opportunity to experience the story of Robin Hood - the mixed reality experience will feel like you were right there, witnessing it first hand at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.

Groups of visitors will be able to experience an augmented reality 'ghost walk' in groups at Rufford Mill, which will be unique in the respect that 5G enables groups to enjoy a group experience at the same time as one another. This wouldn’t be achievable without the 5G network providing content to the users.

Entertainment pods with 5G-enabled content will serve a number of purposes at the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre and Rufford Country park. Already popular sites for visitors both within and outside the county, the content delivered through the pods will seek to enhance the offerings that are already available via a range of new technologies and services for the users to participate in. The pods will serve to both entertain guests as well as educate them on the years of heritage and history associated with the region.

An innovative app-based experience titled 'Tag in the Park' will deliver a technology-rich, movie based user experience that brings the park visitors’ journeys to life. The app will invite users to complete a number of challenges and to find specific items and areas in the park through a treasure-trail style experience. The experience delivered will assess how next generation mobile and IoT technology supported by AI can help visitors have a rich, affordable and collaborative experience that responds to their actions (content on the fly) and provides a personalised reward that provides immersive experience at the site.

For further information on Tag in the Park, including links to download the app through the Apple Store or Google play, please visit the Tag With Me homepage.

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